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From new ride announcements, construction reports and the latest rumors: Screamscape always has something new to report. Vegas is known worldwide for its huge hotels and casinos, mixed with top attractions, rollercoasters and more. The hotels and casinos are a huge draw with many getting their buzz from gambling, but did you know you can also play online in the US.

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I have since visited both Buffets on several trips and can now report that BOTH buffets have slide in quality since the date of my original post. The key question, did one of these buffets have the ability to maintain their edge over the other. As I reported two years ago, most buffets tend to self-destruct after two years in terms of service, quality and generally taking shortcuts. Both of these top two buffets are no exception. I noticed several points were both buffets are cutting back to rein in costs, although the question is if the trimming led to the benefit of the buffet or the start of a death spiral. This investigation begin as a result of my readers giving me reports of issues with each buffet.

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