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We are well on our way to getting this new ride dialed in. Hopefully this one is a game changer. Be there and see some of the fastest small tire no prep cars around go at it. We will have our new car there racing and meeting everyone.

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Chris Hamilton, better known as BoostedGT in racing community, is undoubtedly a dark horse in the Discovery's reality show Street Outlaws. With his intense performance, Hamilton has lately become a household name. BoostedGT is undoubtedly one of the hardest working individuals in the series. His hard-working attitude can be further justified with his move to Oklahoma city which he saw as an opportunity to be closer to the action. In addition to that, BoostedGT does not back down from coming with different innovation. He is currently renovating his car in collaboration with Team Z Motorsports.

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The basis for the car is a Recently, Hamilton had a minor incident with the car and tagged the wall, but quickly had it fixed and got back in action. Team Z Motorsports is currently building this new car for Chris, which as you can see, is a definite step up from his New Edge ride, which itself featured Team Z front and rear suspension systems. Zimmerman had actually bought the car you see here as a body-in-white back in when Ford introduced the S body style. He started building it for Stanley Morton, but Dave was injured in a car accident, and had to close Team Z for roughly six weeks.

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