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Christian humanism is a philosophy that combines Christian ethics and humanist principles. Christian humanism has its roots in the traditional teaching that humans are made in the image of God Latin Imago Dei which is the basis of individual worth and personal dignity. This found strong biblical expression in the Judeo-Christian attention to righteousness and social justice.

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The Church of England commemorates many of the same saints as those in the General Roman Calendarmostly on the same days, but also commemorates various notable often post- Reformation Christians who have not been canonised by Rome, with a particular though not exclusive emphasis on those of English origin. There are differences in the calendars of other churches of the Anglican Communion see Saints in Anglicanism. The Church of England has no mechanism for canonising saints, and unlike the Roman Catholic Church it makes no claims regarding the heavenly status of those whom it commemorates in its calendar. For this reason, the Church of England avoids the use of the prenominal title "Saint" with reference to uncanonised individuals and is restrained in what it says about them in its liturgical texts. In order not to seem to imply grades of sanctity, or to discriminate between holy persons of the pre- and post-Reformation periods, the title "Saint" is not used at all in the calendar, even with reference to those who have always been known by that title, for example the Apostles. There is no single calendar for the various churches making up the Anglican Communion ; each makes its own calendar suitable for its local situation.

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