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By Richard Gray for MailOnline. In what could finally mean the end of searching for access ramps or lifts, Swiss engineers have developed an electric wheelchair capable of climbing, and descending, stairs. The Scalevo wheelchair uses rubber 'tank' tracks that manoeuvre a wheelchair up even the steepest stairs backwards. The technology will mean access ramps and stair lifts outside public buildings and in people's homes could become increasingly unnecessary. Scroll down for video. The Scalevo wheelchair uses rubber tracks to grip the stairs and carry it up backwards. When travelling on the flat it balances on two wheels like a Segway, but the tracks can also be lowered to like a parking brake. The wheelchair drives around on flat ground balanced on two wheels, much like a Segway, but when it reaches a set of stairs, the tracks lower onto the ground. These tracks have rubber grips that hook onto the steps above to propel the chair, and its occupant, up the flight backwards.

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Shocking pictures of Katie Price have emerged that show her being pushed in a wheelchair with bloody bandages around her head. Blood is on the bandages around her jaw and small plastic bottles, which appear to contain blood, hang from either side of her head. And according to The SunKatie flew to Brussels earlier this week to have surgery.

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By Cheyenne Macdonald For Dailymail. Japanese robotics firm tmsuk has unveiled a new piggyback-style rideable designed to make life easier for wheelchair users. The Rodem electric wheelchair is positioned in a way that allows a person to pull their body straight onto the seat, simplifying the process of moving from a bed or sofa onto the wheelchair. Rodem uses an adjustable chair that can be raised or lowered to suit different situations. On a full charge, which takes roughly eight hours, it can travel upwards of 15km 9. Then, the rest of the world will soon follow, with plans to roll out the device in the UK in Rodem puts the rider in a piggyback position, using an adjustable chair that can be raised or lowered to suit different situations. Raising the seat might put the rider in a better spot for brushing their teeth, watering plants, or eating a meal at the table, for example, the firm demonstrates in a new video about the technology. This could also bring the Rodem user to eye-level with the people around them.

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