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Vietnam – A small country lies on the East coast of Indochina Peninsula – attracts many tourists from all over the world because of its beautiful white sand beaches, mystical bays, imposing highlands, well-preserved primeval forests, numerous historical sites , deeply folk custom, inimitable cuisine…. And the most impress thing is welcoming smiles of local people.Vietnam now is also considered as one of the most secure destinations in Asia. Taking a trip Vietnam would be a really good choice to have a memorable holiday.

Touristagency offers some information about Vietnamese travel companies, Places to see, hotel and resort booking, culture,… It is also an ultimate source of information for travelers and businessmen seeking for advices concerning Vietnam along with its people, scenic beauty, entertainment, health care, economic information, investment and legislation, etc …Select a place on  the Map or on  the List “Vietnam Travel destinations” you will be offered a brief introduction as well as all tourist’s services concerning that site.

Hotels & Resorts

The Kandawgyi Palace Hotel, Yangon situated in its privileged position on the shores of the tranquil Kandawgyi Lake (Royal Lake) and was originally opened in 1934 as the Rangoon Rowing Club.

Travels companies

At Active Asia, it has been creating custom designed holidays just for you, for the last 18 years and its high level of customer satisfaction and constant positive feedback brings us both a satisfaction and a knowing that it is offering great value

As a travel company with the operating motto: Bringing the best satisfaction to customers, keeping faithfullness in business”, Vietnam Peace Tour JSC is: the most liked Vietnamese Brand as voted by customers recognising our continuous efforts since the past 25 years; Ho Chi Minh city.

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Hong Thai Travel agency in Singapore is founded in 1985, is a famous company of the renowned Hong Thai Travel Hong Kong. It has made a name for itself in providing high quality travel services

Location TNK Travel has been online since 2003 and is a leading travel website portal providing reliable travel solutions for vacation planners who prefer to...
Travel Agency Vietnam

The Travel Agency Vietnam Philosophy Travel Agency Vietnam was set up to offer authentic private tours of Vietnam and to offer its clients a choice...

Vietnam culture

Madala tower in Tay Thien - the tower of Vietnam-India Friendship Association

The second Vietnamese and  India Buddhism Cultural Days The 2017 India Buddhism Cultural Days, the second of its kind, opened in Thien An Pagoda in...

Vietnam has a large area where local people grow green tea. Not only enjoying tea in normal way, Vietnamese has their own way to make tea to be an art by adding flower in. There are wide variety of flowers using as ingredients for tea in Vietnam

For the Khmer ethnic people the ceremony of launching the boat called Ghe ngo is a special event. A Ghe ngo is launched only once a year to participate in the Ok Om Bok Festival. After the ceremony it is taken ashore and preserved.

Lim Festival opens annually on around 12th – 13th day of the first lunar month in the year. The festival takes place in Noi Due Commune, Lien Bao Commune and Lim Town in Tien Du District, Bac Ninh Province.

Southerners of Vietnam refer to this instrument as Dan Kim. Dan Nguyet has two strings and the resonator resembles the moon, that is probably why it is named Dan Nguyet, which means moon lute.

Introduction Silk is the most precious finery of the orient. Some say it was invented so that women could go naked in clothes. A more...

Things to do

Explore the mountains and forests of Laos on one to three day trek or longer, and visit remote ethnic villages, journey to hidden waterfalls and caves, bird watching and other wildlife and investigate ruins of ancient civilizations.

Talking about Sapa, travelers often remember its peaceful fresh atmosphere, terrace fields stretching from mountain to mountain or colorful valleys while many others memorize romantic waterfalls, and Love Waterfall is the outstanding one.

Overview Established in 1962, Cuc Phuong national park is one of Vietnam’s most important protected areas....
snorkeling boat trip in Phu Quoc island

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Scuba-Diving in Halong

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